1999-2003 Neverrust F150 Extended Cab Rocker Panel Set

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FORD F150 1999 - 2003 O.E.M High Quality Composite Replacement Restoration Rocker Panel Set. LH/RH . Comes in 4 Base Composite Color Configurations: Black, White, Lt.Tan (neutral) or Primer Grey. Excellent! adhesion to all automotive Paints, Primers and Clear coats. No welding necessary. EXTEND the Body of your F150 for literally decades.... read more
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14 lbs
78 × 8 × 7 in
Base Colors:

Charcoal BLK, Primer Grey, LT Tan, Pure White




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NeverRust® F150 Ford Truck Rocker Panels

FORD F150 1999 – 2003 O.E.M High Quality Composite Replacement Restoration Rocker Panel Set. LH/RH 

This Item Qualifies for Free delivery.

Fits: 1999 through 2003 ext cab Ford F150 + 2004 Heritage and all  F150 Harley Davidson Models.

No welding needed no burnt carpets, seats and no wire shorts.

Comes in 4 Base Composite Color Configurations: Black, White, Lt.Tan (neutral) or Primer Grey. Excellent adhesion to all automotive Paints, Primers and Clear coats.

Are you Restoring and Rebuilding Your F150 series Extended cab? Well This is it, The Cadillac of Rocker Panels. If you are looking for the highest quality with Winter and Summer 4×4 durability at the best price, You found it. Thats Right its Game over These Neverrust Rocker panels are Premium.

Neverrust Rocker panels are practically indestructible. Salt, Brime or any harsh road chemicals thrown down have no effects on the NeverRust® Rocker Panels “NONE”. There waterproof and chemical resistant 100%.

These Neverrust F150 Rocker Panels will “outlast the life of your Truck” or your money back!! Oh Snap!! Who says that? Who, WHAT the hell??….. That’s right, No one can make a statement like that in this industry, That’s um. No One but Neverrust….. can and just did, that’s right Oh take a picture do a screen capture, bring a witness you seen it here first lol. The NeverRust® Guarantee stands. when you buy Neverrust You buy the best there is not just in the US but in the World. Go on search the Globe just try and find anything close to the Neverrust Quality or Guarantee. I have and guess what? its not out there. Its right here.

Designed and developed by a auto body restoration technician with more then 30 years experience. yep thats the big 30 and installed 100’s of rocker panel sets before designing these to install easier, faster and fits as good or better than any CAPA Certified rocker panels on the market today.

Our Neverrust Composite Restoration parts are not effected by harsh road chemicals and will not break down even after years of abuse, nor are they effected by high Heat or “Sub Zero temps so go ahead and kick your feet off before getting in the truck without worry That’s one of the major reasons Neverrust Panels are The #1 Premium quality restoration panel world wide.

ADD 7M Body Panel Structural Adhesive if you need to install the rocker panels professionally. 200ML 7M Hybrid Epoxy 2-1 mix


  • Beyond FORD O.E.M Quality.
  • State of the Art Composites allow Strong as Steel but Ultra Lite Weight Parts.
  • Substantial weight reduction: Our Composites are 25-50% lighter than steel parts of equal strength.
    • Unparalleled damage resistance: ‘Made of Polymer Composites’ dent and ding resistance is far superior to that of steel or aluminum panels. Unrivaled corrosion resistance: All our Composites are superior in corrosion resistance for any application.
    • Lifetime Transferable Warranty, That’s right The Lifetime Rocker panel NO RUST No dents again EVER warranty is transferable to the next owner and the next owner and even the next owner of the truck, Truth be told it lasts as long as the Truck no matter who owns it.
    • DOWNLOAD PDF of instructions for installation. We sell the Body Panel Structural Adhesive or include it with the product see our other auctions for more information
  • NEVER RUST® Rocker Ford F150 Panels Lifetime GUARANTEED!! No seam sealer needed, No welding needed means no chance of burning the seats or carpet or ground wire shorts, Plus in a year you won’t see rust again as on most units that are welded no matter how much seam sealer you use because its under the truck were it will stay damp, wet and muddy, you will see rust if you weld the old steel type rocker panels on within a year and most good bodymen know this, “why do you think there is NO Guarantee on rust work”  That’s why we developed our Composite light weight NeverRust® rockers NOW you can Guarantee it on paper and bank on it.

  • Aerospace Polymer Composites do not rust nor corrode when exposed to moisture, mud, water or harsh chemicals and road salt making Our NEVERRUST® rocker panels the number one ideal product and will literally outlast all of the steel components on a vehicle by 75  years. Their inherent chemical resistance and dimensional stability make them well suited for the Ford F150 Rocker Panels.
    • Our Professional Composite parts are designed to carry the same loads as steel. Parts are generally molded at the minimum thickness to reduce weight, Structure is achieved through proper section design to add increased strength and stiffness to localized areas as required. Automotive closure panels are generally two-piece designs consisting of a Class “A” cosmetic skin like ours backed by a non-appearance structural reinforcement panel.
    • Enjoy a quick and easy installation with no welding.
    • No burning up the seats or carpet from weld splatter


SELL IT FOR MORE with a written Guarantee – Neverrust Rocker Panels

EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR TRUCK for literally decades.

FITS F150 3Door 97″,98’s (passenger side only) “- and all 99,00,01,02,03 Plus 2004 Heritage models.


Neverrust Composite 99-03 F150 Ext Cab 4dr. suicide door body style F150 Trucks

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14 lbs
78 × 8 × 7 in
Base Colors

Charcoal BLK, Primer Grey, LT Tan, Pure White

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