2001-2004 F150 Ford Crew Cab NeverRust® Rocker Panels

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Neverrust Replacement Composite Rocker Panel read more
14 lbs
78 × 7 × 8 in

Charcoal Black, White, Primer Grey, Lt.Tan



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2001-2004 NeverRust® F150 F250 Light Duty Ford Crew Cab 4Dr Truck Rocker Panel set

Fits: 2001 – 2004 F150 Ford Crew Cab Rocker Panels LH & RH side also fits F150 Light Duty 2004 HERITAGE Crew Cab

Are you Restoring and Rebuilding Your F150 Extended cab? This is it, If you are looking for the highest quality at the lowest price, You found it.

Rocker panels take a beating from the elements and road debris. They are some of the first body panels on your vehicle to start showing signs of wear and rust, and will usually be one of the first panels to rust out. If you’re thinking “I’d rather fix my rust than buy a new vehicle”, you’ve come to the right place.

Our rocker panels are hand made and constructed of High quality composite materials that slightly exceeds the thickness of the original body panel that it’s replacing. This makes it easy to fit your ends and edges together by slightly grinding on the back side of the panel making it a perfect fit.

The molding process starts with a 3D scan of an OEM part, which means that these aftermarket Composite panels will be an exact match to the original part’s shape and size. Since the panels are an exact match, the old panel will need to be replaced so that the new one can adhere in its place.

Each panel is also extra reinforced for additional protection. The Charcoal black finish that can be scuffed and/or sanded sealed primed and painted.

Fix the rust on your rocker panels by ordering this Neverrust Composite OEM-style passenger side 2001-2004 Ford Light Duty F-Series and 2004 Heritage crew cab pickup rocker panel from Neverrust Auto Body panels today.

NEVER RUST® Rocker Ford F150 Panels Lifetime GUARANTEED!!

7M 50ml, 200ML and 400ml epoxy adhesive is available for the install.

No seam sealer needed.
No Welder Needed
No welding means you can Safely install your Rockers
No chance of burning the seats or carpet or ground wire shorts.
Plus in the years to come you won’t ever see rust again.

Here are some time tested facts, If the factory can only get 5 or 6 years before rust sets in,  how long do you think it would last if any other shop would fix it? 6 months, a year? maybe if your real super lucky.   

That’s why we developed our Neverrust Composite light weight rocker panels Now you can Guarantee rust on paper and bank on it.

  • Aerospace Polymer FRP Composites do not rust or corrode when exposed to moisture, mud, water or harsh chemicals and road salt making Our NEVERRUST® rocker panels the number one ideal product and will literally outlast all of the steel components on a vehicle by 375  years. Their inherent chemical resistance and dimensional stability make them well suited for the Ford F150 Rocker Panels.
    • Our Professional Composite parts are designed to carry the same loads as steel. Parts are generally molded at the minimum thickness to reduce weight, Structure is achieved through proper section design to add increased strength and stiffness to localized areas as required. Automotive closure panels are generally two-piece designs consisting of a Class “A” cosmetic skin like ours backed by a non-appearance structural reinforcement panel.
    • Enjoy a quick safe and easy installation with no welding.
    • No burning up the seats or carpet from weld splatter.


SELL IT FOR MORE with a guarantee of Never rusting and RUST FREE



Highest Quality on the market Today. Yes, the job is worth it.

Even if it took longer to put them on which it don’t but if it did wouldn’t these Neverrust Composite Rocker Panels still be worth it? Customers are saying for what they do for the truck there value and quality is well worth  it.

  $449.95 /LH&RH sides. A Set.

Discounted Delivery less than $15.00 within the 48 Lower states

Neverrust® Composite Rocker Panels Light weight and Built Tough

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14 lbs
78 × 7 × 8 in

Charcoal Black, White, Primer Grey, Lt.Tan

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